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Create lifetime memories aboard St. Martin’s only semi-submersible, in the comfort of our cruising underwater observatory. Young and old alike will enjoy this wonderful opportunity to observe and learn about the remarkable varieties of tropical fish and coral in their natural habitat.


Your knowledgeable marine guide will tell you all about the wonders you will be taking in throughout your tour. Learn about the delicate ecosystem of reef development and watch in awe as your experienced scuba diver hand feeds the fish – bringing them alongside your own large observation window.


Atlantis has carried hundreds of thousands of happy guests on our semi-submersible tours in St. Martin, and over 10 million guests on our various tours throughout the Caribbean, Hawaii and Guam.


It’s the perfect family activity!  Our tour in St. Martin includes a short, scenic coastal cruise that takes you to Creole Rock, where our scuba diver escorts you on the undersea exploration of a lifetime.  You’ll see the stunning sea life and colorful tropical fish – so close you’ll feel as if you can just reach out and touch them.

Seaworld Explorer Submersible

Seaworld Explorer Submersible


Your adventure begins in Grand Case, a quaint, unspoiled fishing village on the French side, famous for it’s idyllic bay and delicious restaurants. Here our friendly crew will welcome you aboard the Seaworld Explorer a state of the art semi submarine developed for use on the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Enjoy the scenic cruise through the harbor to the unique geological formations of Creole Rock.

Now it’s time to discover the undiscovered St. Martin! The vessel does not submerge, you descend into the hull of the vessel and sit in air conditioned comfort five feet below the surface, observing underwater gardens, coral reefs and colorful fish through large, clear glass windows. As you marvel at this paradise beneath the waves, our diver swims by your window surrounded by schools of feeding fish (keep an eye peeled for the fascinating green and moray eels!)

Throughout the trip, our knowledgeable marine expert provides an informative and entertaining commentary.


QI am claustrophobic; can I go on the submarine tour?

A: Yes, and it may help you with this problem. Persons with claustrophobia, who have gone on the semi-submarine, report being surprised that you tend to focus out through the viewport into the wide open ocean space rather than inside of the submarine its self. Unlike on an aircraft where the windows are high and you cannot see anything interesting outside for most of the trip, in the semi-submarine, you sit with windows on both sides a view port in front. Most of all you are not stuck in the hull of the boat for the full tour if you really feel the need to disembark. It is best to notify your guide of your condition and you will be advised of the best sitting if you need to make a quick exit. In the event that you are very uncomfortable there are two exits one at either end so you need to be first or last when going into the hull of the boat. The semi-submarine is a large vessel that can accommodate up to 34 passengers comfortably. You can stand, sit and walk into and out of the semi-submarine very easily.

Q: I find the submarine tour to be expensive…

A: Atlantis is not a cheap tour, we agree but it offers excellent quality due to its uniqueness, high tech nature and professionalism. To be go underwater we must be in a highly sophisticated and safe vessel. Atlantis offers a number of discounted rates for children, teens; families, honeymooners etc, so we can work out a deal for you. Our customers say that they will definitely recommend the tour to others and that it was worth it.

QIs the Seaworld Explorer tour safe?

A: Our safety audits and stringent requirements for insurance purposes are a check and balance as we report conformance to all standards to our head office and insurers.

QIs there an age restriction?

A: No, this tour is for all ages.

QDo you provide a shuttle service?

A: Yes, you can be transported to your destination by our bus service that will pick you up at pre-booked time.

QI am pregnant; will I be able to go on the Seaworld Explorer?

A: Congratulations, you should be fine, hardly any motion is felt whilst you are in the hull of the boat sitting in air conditioned comfort.

QCan a wheel chair guest or differently abled guest go on the Seaworld Explorer?

A: Yes but it depends on the mobility of the individual as guests need to descend 7 steps on their own into the vessel. Permission should be obtained from Operations department through the Reservations staff and it will also be dependent on the weather and sea conditions. Visually and hearing impaired guests are welcomed but for your safety and comfort the Reservations staff should be advised at the time of the Reservations.

QWhat will I see?

A: Our diver will entice schools of fish to your view point, it varies for each trip what will be spotted.


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