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20160516_104834Villa Rental Home For Sale in Belair, St. Maarten. – 3 bedroom villa with 2,5 bathrooms, pool and beautiful views of the Belair greenery and scenery with beach view and ocean view. This home is located in Belair, a very peaceful and quiet neighborhood and is within driving distance of schools, a major shopping center, the commercial district of Cul-de-Sac, Philipsburg, the capital of Dutch Sint Maarten and roadlinks to all major areas in St. Maarten. Built in the 1988’s, this villa home that has been available as a rental villa for the past years, is now for sale or for rent long term and comes fully-furnished with a master bedroom, with bathroom and shower, two bedrooms, with living room, dining room, kitchen, wash room, veranda, pool and a terrace deck. Great for an expatriate family living and working in St. Maarten.

Address: Belair
Territory: Dutch St. Maarten
Structure: 2 floors
Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2,5
Year built: 1980’s
Lot size: 600m2
Status: Active
Furnishing: Fully-furnished, except 1 bedroom
Exterior: Fenced in yard; terrace, pool, deck, landscaping with lots of greenery
Features: Washroom; Utilities (water & electricity connections); Telephone; Wireless Internet
Parking: Driveway
Neighborhood: Quiet, peaceful, suburban area with little traffic

Asking Price: $525,000 US Dollars

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Villa Rental Home For Sale in Belair St. Maarten with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 bathrooms, kitchen, washroom, pool, deck and beautiful greenery views of the ocean scene.